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Acadian History

This section of the web site is devoted to the history of the Acadian people. It explores how and why the French settled this new land and called it "Acadia" which was part of the New France. How a group of less that 100 families, including Francois Girouard and his wife Jeanne Aucoin, took a chance and left France to inhabit this new land and called it home. Although Europe still controlled how and who managed this colony of people and how the prospered even under English rule. You can explore how the Acadian people lived, what type of homes they built, and how they farmed with the with the help of the dikes.
You'll see how the Girouard family grew with the help of the Census Records that not only list the names and ages of the family members, but also their livestock. There is also a map of Port Royal that shows the location of what was known as the "Girouard Village" (Number 38), across the river from the the foundation of an Acadian home found by archaeologists in 1983.

In 1755, everything changed when the British Governor Charles Lawrence, in collaboration with the Governor of Boston William Shirley, decided to deport the Acadians from their lands, and burn their homes and kill their livestock to be sure that they would not return. Over the next 7 year 10,000 Acadians were put on ships and sent through out the English Colonies and Europe. Some escaped the deportation, only to be hunted down and either killed or put in prison in Halifax. Today Acadians and the Girouard family can be found around North America, but there are a few places that the majority can be found as you can see in the present day dispersion.

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