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2004 International Girouard Reunion
Schedule of Events

Aug 2, 2004 - Monday
AM. -Port Royal, Nova Scotia Fortress: Habitation and St. Anne National Fortress at Port Royal, historical presentation by staff.
PM.-Lunch at local restaurants
PM -Visit Tupperville (Giroir Ville or Girouard Village during the 1600 and 1700’s). Legacy monument ceremony, Girouard/Giroir Gerrior… social/music. This ceremony will be hosted by Marion Inglis, Chairperson of the school museum committee, and Bill Gerrior, President of our organizing committee.

Aug 3 -Tuesday
AM-Grand Pré National Park Presentation at the new Welcoming Center facility.
PM-Lunch at Canteen and beach

Aug 4 - Wednesday
AM-Travel from Antigonish to the small Acadian Village of Larry’s River (about an hour and a half drive from Antigonish)
PM -Lunch, bring your own picnic basket or other arrangement (TBA). Music, Dance and soirée.
In the evening travel back to Antigonish to motels or University residence.

Aug 5 -Thursday
7pm Official registration at St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
Genealogy, Displays, official welcomes, special guests, wine and cheese social, music and dance, as well as a sing along.

Aug 6 -Friday
(second day of official reunion event)
AM- Breakfast arrangements are the responsibility of each family
AM- Family Branch Photography by regions
AM- Tracadie, unveiling ceremony of a Double monument in honor of Fr. Hubert Girroir and Senator Edward Lavin Girroir
PM- Picnic and Music under the big tent at Tracadie (20 min drive from Antigonish). Barbeque/Cajun cook out/canteen/picnic basket.
PM 7:30 Closing Mass at Cathedral
PM 9:00-11:30 Closing Dance & Social and official closing.

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