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An Acadian House

An Acadian foundation of a house was found at a marsh, located upriver from Annapolis Royal and about a mile from Girouard Village. It was settled by 1679. By 1755, there may have been as many as 30 houses along the margins of this marsh called the Belleisle marsh.. The settlement was abandoned and destroyed in that year and only three house foundations survive as archaeological features today. The house was a substantial wood framed structure on a basalt fieldstone foundation and is an example of the French construction method known as charpente. A massive hearth, oven and chimney stood at one end of a single room. The walls were partly filled with clay and the roof was thatched.

In 1983, one of these foundations was excavated by archaeologists, providing valuable insights into early Acadian life. The archaeologists recovered over 5000 artifacts and important structural information relating to pre-expulsion Acadian house construction. Note the circular oven base attached to the foundation of the image below.

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