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Acadian Books of Interest
Books of Interest

The following are books that I felt might be of interest. You may also want to see what the 2 booksellers have about the books :

 Note from Exile
Notes from Exile by Clive Doucet
ISBN 0-7710-2839-3

 In this book the author tells of his experiences of attending the first Acadia reunion in 1994, Canada. He relates the special event with what he remembers from growing up and the people and family growing up.
Barnes & Noble
 The Acadians
 The Acadians by George Bible
ISBN 1-56554-598-2

This book is about the events that happened around the time of the Acadians up to the time of the deportation and the book written by HW Longfellow, Evaneline
 Barnes & Noble
 A Land of Discord Always
A Land of Discord Always by Charles Mahaffie
ISBN 0-89272-375-0
A well written book about the detailed history of the establishment of Acadia, how the people lived, and the events leading up to the deportation.
 Barnes & Noble
 Franco-Americans in America
Franco-Americans in America by Armand Chartier
ISBN 1-880261-05-7
This book has been written about the  over half million Canadians that came to the US between the 1850s and 1900.
 Barnes & Noble
Woonsocket by Robert Bellerose
ISBN 0-7524-0585-3
This book is a collection of photographs and descriptions of the Rhode Island city of Woonsocket and the surrounding area. Woonsocket was one of the mill towns that the Canadians came to during the fifty year period 1850-1900.
 Barnes & Noble

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