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Little Known Girouard Facts

 If you as grew up, as I did, in the US you might have wondered if anyone else had the last name or surname Girouard, and spelled it that way. That is unless you lived in Louisiana, even growing up in New England I would not find many people that had the last name or surname of Girouard. I know that myself and others have gone to the phone books when visiting another state or city and look up Girouard to see if anyone shared the same surname. Well I bet you didn't know that:

  • Southeast of Montreal off the Canadian Highway is a city called St. Hyacinthe. There are over 250 families with the surname Girouard that live in this city. There is also an exit off the highway for Girouard Ave, which has both St. churches.
  • Also in St Hyacinthe is there is a Girouard University, which is also on Girouard Ave.
  • There are over 6 Streets, Avenues, Roads & etc., in different areas of Montreal that have the Girouard name.
  • There was a Printer (Imprimeur) to King Louis XIV that was a Girouard in the 18th century, Jacques Girouard. He is listed as one of the 2,700 people put to death by the Guillotine after the French Revolution of 1793. His name is listed on the plaque on the wall at the Conciergerie. The picture on the right is a part of the plaque showing his name amongst some of the others killed. The Conciergerie is the building that housed the prisoners, including Marie-Antoinette while they awaited their death.
  • There are thousands of Girouard families or telephone listings in the US and Canada that have the surname spelled "Girouard".
  • There are also hundreads of families or telephone listings with the surname "Gerrior or Girrior", which, I feel, are the English derivative of Girouard, which make sense if you only spoke English and someone came up to you and pronounced "Girouard" in French and asked you to spell it.

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