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Girouard Patents

The Girouard has had a number of inventors over the years.  As you can see by the number of names to the left.  Some of these inventions are used by everyone, and no one knows that the Girouardís invented them.  For example the yeast for bread touches eachof us every day and was invented by Dave Girouard back in 1890 and soon after bought by the Fleishmanís company.  Other inventions from yesterday are that of a weaving shuttle, by Joseph Edouard Girouard.  Sir Percy Girouard in addition to being a great military man has a patent for the reduction and distillation of ore and hydrocarbons.  Also inventions like glasses, and the paper feeder on our computerprinter was invented by a part of the Girouard family.  Or George Girouardís inventions that helped to perfect the wing of an airplane.  A number of these people have many more patents than those that are listed here, for example Bruno Girouard has over20 patents for the snow mobile.  There are other every day inventions, for house siding, the every day razor, racks for selling clothes, the  hot glue gun that many of us use, a bottle design, even a womanís slip.  Albert Girouard has patents for eye glasses, and ornamental chains for bracelets, belts, and other personal wear.  In the high tech arena there are inventions dealing with Integrated circuits, drugdelivery systems, heart devices, computer inventions that also involve the Internet, and others.

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