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Girouard Coat of Arms

The Girouard Coat of Arms is described as:
Red background with three pennants, two in gold and one in silver or "Gules, three pennants, two in chief or and one in argent". The red symbolizes the planet Mars and denotes military fortitude.

The family Coat of Arms is the Family Shield. The term comes from the fact the design used to be embroidered on a tunic, hence 'Coat', this design was usually given to a knight once he became entitled to bear Arms. The design could then also be used as a uniform for the servants of the household. When the knight went to war the design was not only worn on the tunic but was also put on the shield, as it was the largest piece of equipment the knight had and as the shield was easily seen it made sense to have the design put upon it so people could see who was who at a distance on the battlefield.

The family Crest was a design that was placed upon the Helmet. The early type of crest was a plume of horsehair (like the Roman soldiers) which helped deflect any sword blow coming down on the head and to distinguish the leaders from the common soldier. The Girouard Crest is the Flure de Le.

The Mantling or Lambrequin was a cloth covering, usually in the two main colors of the Arms, that covered the Helmet. It protected the wearer from heat and perhaps prevented the Helmet from rust. It also afforded an additional protection from sword attacks by deadening the blow and possibly entangling the weapon. Due to this the Mantling is usually depicted in a cut or ragged form. The Wreath was made from twisted cloths of the same colours as the Mantling. It was used to cover the place where the Crest was fixed to the Helmet. As you can see Red and Gold are the colors of the Girouard Family.

If a family was granted a Coat of Arms, Crest and Motto this trio is termed as an Heraldic Achievement.

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