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Custom Shirts with the Girouard
Coat of Arms

Girouard Shield

Now you can order top quality shirts, jackets, hats, and other items from Lands'End with the Girouard Coat of Arms embroidered on them, not a screen print. This is through their Corporate Sales Department, so a lot of their work is for companies that have their logos put on shirts for shows and employees. The master logo has already been created and can be seen above and here on the "Brick Red End-on End Polo" shirt fabric. The logo is 2 1/4" long by 2 3/8" high or 58 mm long by 60 mm high and the detail is great. Items must be ordered in a minimum quantity of six per category, I've used category "W". If this is a problem and you want less, send me an E-mail with your order and when I get enough orders to make six, I'll place the order. If you have six items to order all you need is the logo number which is "0169872W". You can place orders on the phone at 1-800-338-2000 (Monday - Friday 7AM to 8 PM CST or Saturday from 8AM to 4 PM CST), by FAX at 1-800-965-3329, by E-mail, or the Internet. You may want to order a catalog or go to their web site to look at everything they have and the colors. This is a link to their web site for these items and more. In order to buy from the web site you will need to register first. Remember to have the Logo Number above.

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