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French Genealogical Societites in the US

American-Canadian Genealogical Society
The Society was founded at Manchester, New Hampshire in September 1973 to serve persons interested in ancestral research. Today membership has expanded to include individuals and organizations from all parts of the world.

American-French Genealogical Society
The American-French Genealogical Society, is a non-profit genealogical and historical organization dedicated to the study and preservation of the French-Canadian culture.

French Canadian/Acadian Genealogists of Wisconsin
French Canadian/Acadian genealogy resource featuring surname lists and Quarterly Newsletter and links to other French Canadian/Acadian genealogists and sites.

French Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan
The French Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan represents the descendants of the state's first European settlers. We have an excellent journal featuring genealogical and historical articles. We meet regularly at sites across the state.

Maine Franco-American Genealogical Society (MFGS)
The library contains over 1700 volumes to include a collection of marriage repertoires from Canada, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont; We have 62 books on microfiche and computers containing Family Tree Maker- Census Index (1607-1880); Social Security Death Benefits.

Vermont French-Canadian Genealogical Society
VTFCGS, founded in 1996, is dedicated to research in French-Canadian ancestry. Our library is located at the St. John's Club on 9 Central Ave. in Burlington, Vt. Projects planned include compiling repertoires from the Church records of local parishes and collecting local obituaries. Our Jour

French Canadian Genealogical Society of Connecticut
The French-Canadian Genealogical Society of Connecticut was founded in 1981 to help people with French Canadian backgrounds trace their ancestors and learn more about the lives they lived in Quebec and Acadia.

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