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Girouard Village or Tupperville
in Annapolis Valley, NS
By Bill Gerrior

In 1984, as part of the preparation for the 1985 reunion, my son Steve and I planned a trip to the Annapolis Valley to find the location of Girouard Village. We followed the river southward bound where we thought both François Girouard's sons, Alexandre and Jacques had settled. The excellent 1733 map based on Mitchell's survey, with corrections from other maps of 1753, which I obtained at the National Archives in Ottawa, made it easy for us to locate the area originally known as Girouard Village in 1733. This location was also written down as Girroir Village on another early map of this period. Later, referring to La Ferme Marsh, (a name given during the 1700's of the Girouardville Farm), I was able to obtain original documents from the Western Region land Information Center in Lawrencetown. With a GPS compass I was able to follow accurate coordinates for what appeared to be most of the Girouard foundations shown on the 1733 Mitchell map. These documents registered in 1784 the selling of this farmland, forty-eight rods in width, by William and Lydia Lawrence to Joseph Rice and ancestor's of Marion Inglis.

Marion Inglis' Farm

Since this visit in 1984, I have learned much more about Girouard Village through the help of Marion Inglis who is the present owner. This land has been in their family since 200 years. Mrs Inglis is also chairperson of the Tupperville School Museum. Her committee consists of very active and knowledgeable citizens pertaining to the history and heritage of her community and the Acadian Girouard known as first pioneers of her community. Girouard Village is the area known on today's maps as Tupperville south of the Annapolis River in front of Belleisle.

I was introduced to Marion Inglis by Richard Laurin, former Tour Guide for Parks Canada at Grand-Pré. Richard presently owns and operates Novacadie, a tours guide company at Port Royal and other locations in Nova Scotia and New-Brunswick then called Acadia. These tours are specially designed for Acadian families who wish to know more about their routes and roots and the original locations of their first ancestors, then called Acadia.

Archaeological works
A certain Jonathan Fowler, an archaeologist in NS has devoted a great deal of time researching Acadian sites in NS is very interested in the Girouard Village site and has indicate to me that he would like to proceed with some initial exploration of the sights this spring. Just across the river from the Girouard Village, Belleisle is the site of the first Archaeological digs under the direction of the NS Museum. An exciting find for the Girouard and more to come!

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