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About the Girouard Family
There are two Girouard families in North America. We can assume that they are ancestors from the same family in old France. This focus of this web site is the first Girouard family to come from France and settle in North America around 1650. This was Francois Girouard and his wife Jeanne Aucoin. They left France and came to North America to live in Port Royal, Acadia, New France. Today this is now known as Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada. The group of French people that established this colony have came to be known as the Acadians.
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Copies of Original Girouard Documents
We have started the long task of creating "PDF" images of copies of the original documents from the churches in Canada. If you have "Adobe Acrobat Reader" you can view and enlarge these documents on your browser. If you need the "Adobe" software you can obtain this using this link.
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The Genealogy Section
Take a look at the genealogy section with interactively look for the names of your decendents and create charts for a family tree, direct line, family group. You can also search our database and interactively search for different wedding combinations base on a range of years and locations.
Little Known Girouard
Did you know that a member of the Girouard Family was held in the Conciergerie and be-headed with the Guillotine, along with Marie-Antoinette in 1793.
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Check out the 1999 Girouard Family Reunion
The 1999 Girouard Family Reunion was held in Morgan City, Louisiana. It was attended by over 300 people.
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Girouard's in North America
Did you know that there were thousands of families with the name Girouard in North America. Take a look at our map and see where they live....

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