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2019 International Girouard Reunion

The 6th World Acadian Congress (CMA 2019) will be held from AUGUST 10 TO 24, 2019, in Prince Edward Island and Southeastern New Brunswick. The Girouard reunion will take place during that time. The web site for the event is Acadian World Congress.


The 6th edition of the Congres mondial acadien will mark the 25th anniversary of the event. The goal of this international gathering, held every 5 years, is to strengthen the ties that unite all Acadian communities throughout the world, all while showcasing a modern and authentic Acadian identity. The Congres is also an opportunity to welcome all those who are interested in l'Acadie. The event will allow the host region to demonstrate its vitality, its attachment to a vibrant culture, and above all, its legendary openness to the world. Many families of Acadian descent get together during each Congres mondial acadien, reuniting with distant cousins or renewing links with their extended family. The Family reunions alone can gather tens of thousands of people, while the event as a whole is expected to attract around 100 000 participants. But the Congres mondial acadien is not just about family reunions; during the event, major shows will also be held all over the host region, as well as youth activities, conferences, various cultural and artistic events, and much more. Today, the Congres mondial acadien is of great significance to the Acadian people, serving not only as a reminder of where they've been, but as an illustration of how vibrant they are today. The event is proof of our strength as a group and our openness to the world, as our Acadie is becoming more modern and dynamic.

History of the CMA:
1994 Southeast (New Brunswick)
1999 Louisiana
2004 Nova Scotia
2009 Acadian Peninsula(New Brunswick)
2014 Madawaska (New Brunswick) / Maine (USA) / Temiscouata (Quebec)
2019 Prince Edward Island and Southeast New Brunswick

The Congres mondial acadien is a tool that we acquired, as a people, to propel ourselves towards our future. This popular gathering is an opportunity to highlight our strengths, and learn more about our culture. Who are we and where do we want to go? Our mission is to foster stronger ties between all Acadians, no matter where they're from, and to promote l'Acadie in all corners of the world. Above all, we want to showcase an Acadie that is both modern and authentic. The 6th edition of the Congres will be a good opportunity for our regions to demonstrate their strong attachment to the Acadian culture as well as their openness to the world. We have great ambitions for this CMA, and we are eager to welcome you to our home.

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