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Why the web site is different

The web site is not based on static htm or html files, like most genealogical web sites. What does this mean? Most sites are created by person or persons that run a genealogical program on a PC like "Family Tree Maker" or "The Master Genealogist". These PC programs have their databases stored on the PCs for retrieval of information based on the input of the user.

For example, I would input into the PC program all of my descendants and relevant information about them and it is stored on a database on the PC. These programs allow the individual PC user to create reports and tables relating to a person or family. When information needs to be transported to a different PC program, there is a "vanilla format" called GEDCOM.

GEDCOM is a standard way of formatting the information in the database so it can be extracted from one PC program and imported into another program. All of these PC programs also have the capability of creating "HTML" files that can be up loaded to a server on the web and displayed on anyone's web browser anywhere in the world. These are static pages, as they only contain the information extracted at the time of execution and uploaded to the server.

The web site is designed to create pages based on what the person at the web browser requests, BIG difference. No other genealogical web site does this. This allows you to create charts, Family tables, do a query to the database regarding weddings or deaths at a certain location during a certain time frame. It also allows you to get a timeline of Family events, pictures related to a person, a 3 generation chart of a person, or it also allows you to see how 2 people are related. So how is this done, and all in 3 seconds, which is the average response time. Well the database resides on the web server, not a person's PC.

This information is stored on the server in a compressed and highly efficient manner using what is called "Data Mining Techniques". A database of over 10,000 people is very small, less than 1 MB. contains no HTML pages, every page is created for you the user. There are the equivalent of over 40,000 HTML page on These are called "Dynamic" pages, much the same that E-bay and other sites create web pages for you. So, when you are on the web site, you are creating the pages, On-Demand, and it's fast.

If you have a existing Acadian Family web site and would like to take advantage of our on-line database structure, for free, just E-mail ma and let's talk.....

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